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    APP - 1A Unit Converter pro v1.3.2.apk
    APP - 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro v3.20.1 [Patched].apk
    APP - 9GAG Best LOL Pics & GIFs v2.20.21 [Pro].apk
    APP - [Xposed] Custom Battery Meter v2.4.6 patched.apk
    APP - [Xposed] Device Id Changer Pro v1.5.3.apk
    APP - [Xposed] FakeLocation v0.4.127.169.apk
    APP - [Xposed] GEL Settings [ROOT] Premium v3.0 Build 183.apk
    APP - [Xposed] InstallerOpt v1.0.3.apk
    APP - [Xposed] NeoPowerMenu v1.4.2 (Stable).apk
    APP - [Xposed] One Tap Video Download v2.8.apk
    APP - [Xposed] Pokemon v1.8.apk
    APP - [Xposed] Protect My Privacy (PMP) v2.1.5.apk
    APP - [Xposed] Recents Floating Apps Pro v1.3.apk
    APP - [Xposed] Skyolin Helper v2.5 (ROOT).apk
    APP - [Xposed] Statusbar Headset Icon v1.1.3.apk
    APP - [Xposed] XHangouts Xposed v2.11-2f953fa.apk
    APP - [Xposed] XPrivacy Pro v3.6.19 Stable Patched.apk
    APP - A Better Camera Unlocked v3.41.apk
    APP - All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) v6.8 [Pro]
    APP - All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) v6.8 [Pro].apk
    APP - Aqua Mail - email app v1.6.4-dev3.8 [Pro].apk
    APP - Bacon Camera v1.7.0.apk
    APP - Birthdays v2016-10-14.46-paid.apk
    APP - BlackCam Pro - B_W Camera v1.38.apk
    APP - BlackPlayer EX v20.22 build 184 [Patched].apk
    APP - Book Keeper Accounting+Invoice v7.5.3 Unlimited.apk
    APP - Call Recorder for Android[PRO] v4.3.apk
    APP - Camera Block - Spyware protect v1.29 (Paid).apk
    APP - Camera FV-5 v3.25.1 [Patched+Paid].apk
    APP - Camera MX - Live Photo App v4.2.002.apk
    APP - Camera ZOOM FX Premium v6.2.6 [Paid].apk
    APP - CameraMX v4.3.001.apk
    APP - Candy Camera v3.09 (Ad Free).apk
    APP - CloudPlayer by doubleTwist v1.2.7 build 10099 [Platinum].apk
    APP - Collateral - Notifications v3.4.7 [Premium].apk
    APP - DevCheck System Info v1.48 [Pro].apk
    APP - Dictionary - M-W Premium v3.3.1 [Patched].apk
    APP - Dub Free Music Player v2.0 build 40 (Ad-Free).apk
    APP - Evernote - stay organized. Premium v7.9.6 build 1079634 ARM.apk
    APP - Evernote - stay organized. Premium v7.9.6 build 1079634 x86.apk
    APP - EZ Folder Player v1.1.56.apk
    APP - F-Stop Media Gallery v4.7.0b17 [Pro].apk
    APP - File Expert - File Manager V8.2.4 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Folder Music Player Donate v2.3.3.apk
    APP - Folder Player Pro v4.0.1.apk
    APP - Folio for Facebook Pro v9.4.0 [Patched].apk
    APP - Footej Camera v1.1.11 build 67 [Premium].apk
    APP - Formula 2016 Live 24 Racing v3.4.8.apk
    APP - G-Stomper Studio v5.2.1.9.apk
    APP - Ghost Music Player Pro v1.6.apk
    APP - GIF Camera Pro v1.4.apk
    APP - Gif Me! Camera Pro v1.66.apk
    APP - HabitHub - Habit Tracker v9.5.4 [Premium].apk
    APP - Hibernation Manager Premium v2.2.2.apk
    APP - Horizon Camera v1.5.2.5 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - I-Doser Premium v1.5.4.apk
    APP - Impulse Music Player Pro v1.8.1.apk
    APP - Impulse Music Player Pro v1.8.5.apk
    APP - InstaCam Pro - Camera Selfie v1.40 (unlocked).apk
    APP - Internet Radio Recorder Pro v4.0.4.0.apk
    APP - jetAudio Music Player+EQ Plus v7.3.3 [Paid + Patched].apk
    APP - Knock Lock Pro - AppLock Screen v6.4.0 Patched.apk
    APP - KX Music Player + v1.4.3.apk
    APP - Le Parisien Ma Ville - Info v1.0.8 [Subscribed](French).apk
    APP - Learn 50 Languages v10.1 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Lithium Music Player v3.03.apk
    APP - Lumio Cam – The Real Camera v1.2.5 [Premium].apk
    APP - Material Status Bar Pro v7.9 Beta [Paid].apk
    APP - MediaMonkey v1.2.0.0617 [Pro].apk
    APP - Money Lover Money Manager v3.4.69 [Premium].apk
    APP - Moto Camera v6.0.43.apk
    APP - Mp3 Music Player v1.2.1 [Pro].apk
    APP - Music Player - mPlay Pro v1.2.4.apk
    APP - Music Player Mp3 Pro v1.11.apk
    APP - Muziko-Music player and Equalizer PRO v1.0.21.apk
    APP - My Cars (Fuel logger++) Pro v2.12.0 Final.apk
    APP - MySword Bible Premium v7.3.1.apk
    APP - n7player Music Player v3.0.5 [Premium].apk
    APP - News Republic - Breaking news v6.7.4 (Subscribed).apk
    APP - NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts v1.2 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - NRG Player FULL v2.2.7 Final.rar
    APP - Nutrihelper PRO v4.0 [Paid].apk
    APP - Open Camera v1.34.apk
    APP - Paper Camera v4.4.231.apk
    APP - Peak - Brain Training v1.29.7 [Unlocked]-OBB.rar
    APP - Peak - Brain Training v1.29.7 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Phonograph Music Player v0.13.3-2.apk
    APP - Photo Editor by Aviary v4.8.2 build 583 [Premium].apk
    APP - PicsArt Photo Studio v7.2.1 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - PlayerPro Music Player v3.9 [Paid].apk
    APP - Podcast & Radio Addict v3.30 build 974 [Donate].apk
    APP - Power Media Player Pro v5.7.1.apk
    APP - PowerAudio Pro music player v1.0.7.apk
    APP - Pulsar Music Player Pro v1.4.3 (Paid Version).apk
    APP - Root Essentials v2.3.2 [Premium].apk
    APP - S Photo Editor v1.0 build 7 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Screen Recorder v8.5 [Pro].apk
    APP - Screenshot Snap v1.2.4 [Paid].apk
    APP - Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro v3.0.41.apk
    APP - Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro v3.0.456.apk
    APP - Settings Editor Pro v2.6 Root Exposed.apk
    APP - Shopping List - Pro v4.6.4.1 [Paid].apk
    APP - Shuttle+ Music Player v1.6.0-beta2 [Paid].apk
    APP - Sleep as Android v20161014 build 1385 Cloud Backup.apk
    APP - Sleep as Android v20161014 build 1385 Lullaby.apk
    APP - Sleep as Android v20161014 build 1385.apk
    APP - SMS Messenger - Schedule SMS Pro v1.5.4 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Snap Camera HDR v8.1.4.apk
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.1 build 200105 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.1 build 200105 [Unlocked]
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.1 build 200105 [Unlocked]
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.1 build 200105 [Unlocked] x86.apk
    APP - Stellio Music Player v4.91 + Stellio Unlocker v4.01 Proper.rar
    APP - Strelok Pro v3.4.6.apk
    APP - SuperPhoto Full v2.3.5.apk
    APP - Symphony Music Player v1.5.2.apk
    APP - SystemGlow v1.1.0 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji v5.9.9.9 build 5076 [Premium].apk
    APP - Twilight v6.7 build 184 [Pro].apk
    APP - Web Video Cast Browser to TV v4.1.3 build 703 [Premium].apk
    APP - Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools (Home Wifi Alert) pro v14.3.apk
    APP - XE Currency Pro v4.4.4.apk
    APP - Xstana module v2.1.7 [Prime].apk
    APP - Z Camera v2.38 build 99 [Vip].apk

    PLEASE keep in mind that not all apps/games work on all
    devices due to the software the device providers install.

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