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Opera [99] Opera -Max Emanuel Cencic sings Farnace by Vivaldi 2012 [Etcohod]


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Max Emanuel Cencic sings Farnace by Vivaldi

Farnace, by Antonio Vivaldi
Libretto by Antonio Maria Luchini

Concerto K?ln, George Petrou (conductor)
Opéra du Rhin Chorus & Ballet
Lucinda Childs (Stage director, choreography)

Max Emanuel Cencic (Farnace), Mary Ellen Nesi (Berenice), Ruxandra Donos (Tamiri), Carol Garcia (Selinda), Viviva Genaux (Gilade), Emiliano Gonzalez Toro (Aquilio), Jan Sancho (Pompeo)

Jérémie Cuvillier (Video Director)
Recorded in en 2012
Genre : Opéra
Length : 02:44:58
Director : Jérémie Cuvillier
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