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Opera [95] Opera -Jalil by Nazib Zhiganov at the Tatar State 2015 [Etcohod]


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Jalil by Nazib Zhiganov at the Tatar State Opera & Ballet, Kazan

Opéra in two acts
Music by Nazib Zhiganov
Libretto by Akhmed Faisi
Under the Editorial Mikhaïl Pandjavidze

Orchestra of the Tatar State Academic Opera
Renat Salavatov, Conductor
Nouria Djouraeva, Chorus master

Renat Salavatov, Musical Director
Mikhaïl Pandjavidze, Staging
Igor Grinevitch, Set design
Serguey Shevtchenko Lighting
Pavel Suvorov, Computer Graphics
Victor Sobolev, Music programming

With the participation of choirs, group of mimes and the theater orchestra and children's choir, created with the Conservatory N4 borough « Sovetsky » of the city of Kazan (Director, Albina Mallikova)


Akhmed Agadi - Jalil
Marina Nerabeeva - The poet's wife
Aïdar Nurgayanov - Juraviev, Colonel
Evgueni Ulanov - Kanzafarov, traitor
Yury Ivshine - André Timmermans
Dina Khamsina - Khayat, The prisoner
Dina Khamsina - The mad woman
Vladimir Vassiliev - Kovalev
Yuri Petrov - Stpaev
Rustem Kutlubaev - Ishnazarov
Marcel Miftakhov - Sabirov
Ravil Idrisov - Matveev
Oleg Machin - The German officer
Stanislas Sherbinin - Usenko

Recorded on Aprill 28th, 29th & 30th 2015 at the Tatar State Academic Opera of Kazan, Russia
TV Director, Vincent Massip
Genre : Opéra
Length : 01:51:14
Director : Vincent Massip