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[52] Dance- Aria, a choreography by Gil Roman. Béjart Ballet 2009 [Etcohod]


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Aria, a choreography by Gil Roman. Béjart Ballet

Concept, choreography & stage direction by Gil Roman
Béjart Ballet de Lausanne

Music: excerpts from JS Bach, Nine Inch Nails, Melponem, Inuit chants
Original compositions: Thierry Hochstatter & Jean-Bruno Meier (Citypercussion)

A choreography on human relationships, the delicate ties that guide Man in the midst of life's complexities and the struggle to free himself from his own demons. Power, brutality, sacrifice. At the heart of Man, the labyrinth of his own spirit, his tormented free will. A tale on the destiny of the Human being, in turns the manipulator and the object of manipulation, which leaves a lasting impression... long after the curtain has fallen.

TV Director, Sonia Paramo - 2009 (46mns)

Genre : Danse
Length : 00:45:37
Director : Sonia Paramo[/img]']