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[51] Dance- Cursive II - choreography by Lin Hwai-Hin 2005 [Etcohod]


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Cursive II - choreography by Lin Hwai-Hin

Cursive II
Choreography by Lin Hwai-min
Music by John Cage

With a delicate lyricism, 'Cursive II' celebrates the elegance of calligraphy and the power of the void. A frame and a white sheet make the set look like a gigantic piece of rice paper. The lighting makes the sheet's colour turn from bright white to various shades of brown, like ancient paper rolls aging with the centuries.
In her choice of music, Lin Hwai-min surprises us with her use of works by John Cage. The music is simple and pure, mainly involving strings.

Directed for video by Ross MacGibbon - 2005

Genre : Danse
Length : 01:05:39
Director : Ross Mc Gibbon